High Density Foam

Foam RollOur high density polyurethane foam is great for DIY crafts and couch cushion upholstering. High density foam refers to the build quality of the foam material. The higher the compression rate (amount of force needed to dent the foam), the higher the structural integrity is. In this case, density is measured in relation to the compression rate. A higher density rating the higher compression rate. Polyurethane foam is used in many applications such as seats (couch/car), mattresses, sponges, filters and soundproofing and acoustic panels. 

 Foam Chair Pad Foam Couch Cushions

We offer two different thicknesses and two different densities of the foam.  Our 2" thick foam is great for kitchen/dining chairs, while our 6" thick foam will work really well for couch cushions. The density/compression rate (39 LB or 44 LB) depends upon your personal preference. If you like your cushions to be as little more soft and squishy, go with the light (39 LB compression rate) cushion. If you like your cushions to be as little bit firmer and supportive, go with the heavy one (44 LB compression rate) cushion.

Custom sizing is available. Please contact us by email or phone, or drop by our store with your exact requirements and we will get back to you with pricing and time frame. 

Foam Heavy vs Light

Most people wrap their upholstery foam in polyester quilt batting before putting them inside their seat cushions. Most upholsterers and DIY crafters recommend doing this, as most professionally done couches and chair cushions already come with their interior foam already wrapped. We do sell this type of batting-wrapping separately and offer it as an extra service. We spray the foam with a special bonding adhesive and then wrap the batting around it. This layer is not very thick. If you would like a thicker layer of batting, we can so by wrapping additional layers of batting around the existing one(s).  Note: we do not wrap in the batting by default. You must contact us to request this option.

 Foam with Batting

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