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By Jordan Sotto

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Requester email: unknown@example.com

Description: 'Facebook Coupon Offers'

Website address: http://www.hometex.ca/

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Customer environment: Browser: Internet Explorer 9.0

OS: Microsoft Windows 7


Chat transcript:

Visitor: (10:51:54) Hello, my unit is located in Burnaby BC, as a representative, I would like to place an order for 24 burlap runners with an even distribution of all sizes. Do you have a price list I can refer to for pricing and shipping charges?

Customer Service: (10:52:12) Hello sir, my name is Sam. detailed price list is available on our web site for small crafters and home based businesses which you'll find extremely useful. If you give me 2 minutes I will provide you with the information and also offer you some coupons which can also be redeemable on Facebook. Please stand by.

Customer Service: (10:54:01) Hello sir. Thank you for standing by. You can find a detailed price list at hometex.ca and the wide range of our products at http://hometex.ca/rustic-weddings

1) For getting a shipping fee quote without having to register or go through layers of processing, follow this link: http://hometex.ca/how-much-is-shipping/sample-shipments
2) You can read customer reviews and feedback at http://hometex.ca/customer-reviews-and-feedback which is also available for Facebook users at https://www.facebook.com/hometexca
3) Coupons for your orders can be available at http://hometex.ca/coupons
For facebook users, you can earn yourself a coupon for 8% discount by liking our page at

You can redeem the coupon just before you complete your order. I hope everything is clear. If it isn't, feel free to ping us for any further queries, just ask for Sam.

Visitor: (10:55:23) Thank you for that Sam. I do have a facebook account; I will surely give you a like. I also see that I get a 10% coupon for a review, can you provide me with the details of how to redeem that?

Customer Service: (10:56:43) Sure, sir. The coupon can't be redeemed that way though, you'll have to buy the product and then possibly for the next order we can give you a 10% coupon hopefully after a positive review.

Visitor: (10:56:15) Thank you so much. I'll have to discuss this with my partner. Can I call you if I have any questions?

Customer Service: (10:56:38) Sure. You can contact 1-855-466-3890 and ask for Sam. Thank you so much.


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