Cheese Cloth For A Restaurant

By Jordan Sotto

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Visitor – (11:22:53 AM) – Hello! I am Rosa and I represent The Cheese Factory. We are a developing restaurant chain present all across the state and are popular for specialization in cheese dishes. For all of our dishes, we make our own cheese, which will require a lot of cheesecloth. When on the lookout for manufacturing units, your organization was recommended by a friend.

Customer Service – (11:23:11 AM) - We can offer you with a bulk order of cheesecloth as per your needs. When it comes to kind, what grade of cheesecloth are you looking for? Our store offers a vast range from the Grade #10 to Grade #90 materials.

Visitor – (11:23:34 AM) - We have been on the lookout for high grade of cheesecloth, which has a very fine weaving. I would like to place an order for Grade #50, Grade #60, and Grade #80 of Cheesecloth fabric.

Customer Service – (11:23:52 AM) - You will be able to find these easily as these items are sold by the yard. How many yards of fabric are you looking to order?

Visitor – (11:24:12 AM) - I would like to place an order for 50x10 yards of each of the grades of cheesecloth I’ve mentioned. Can you provide me the shipping details for this order?

Customer Service – (11:24:25 AM) - We offer a discount on the total bill amount if you are ordering in bulk. Our shipping charges are quite economical when compared to other shipping or courier services as we ship by our personal courier service in the GTA. Online, you can view your total bill item after you have added items to your shopping cart. Before proceeding to the payment, contact us for discount.

Visitor – (11:24:57 AM) – Perfect! Thank you so much.

Customer Service – (11:25:13 AM) - Thank you. Have a good day.

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